The Relationship between Security Consultants and Security Engineers

The majority of projects handled by Sentinel Consulting involve elements of physical and electronic security system.  Each project is carefully planned and studied using rigorous consulting and design principles.  The core of this is the relationship between the Security Consultant and the Security Engineer.

Sentinel’s approach to security design is a holistic one.  It focuses on the what and how of risk mitigation.  It is beyond a best practices approach, in that countermeasures are not selected and deployed simply because its a standard or general industry practice.  Instead, a risk-based approach is used.  All aspects of a Client’s operation are considered and the risks are studied.  Countermeasures are then selected and deployed to mitigate these observed risks.

This is where the relationship between our Security Consultants and Security Engineers becomes so apparent.  Our Security Consultants specialize in identifying threats and vulnerabilities against given assets, resulting in a risk profile.  This is the WHAT and WHY.

Security Engineers then review this risk profile with our Security Consultants and determine what countermeasures are appropriate, whether they be physical or electronic, or a combination thereof.  This is the HOW.

WHAT and WHY are we protecting? HOW are we going to protect it?

These questions form the basis of every design that Sentinel produces.  Security Engineers cannot alone determine the proper countermeasures, where there needed, and why they’re needed. Security Consultants cannot alone determine how physical and electronic security countermeasures can be deployed and managed.  Only working together, and combining knowledge and experience, can a successful security program be implemented.

The Security Consultants at Sentinel have in depth, real world knowledge of security operations, emergency response, and understand how countermeasures are used to mitigate risks.

The Security Engineers at Sentinel are educated engineers with knowledge and experience in a variety of physical and electronic countermeasures, their design requirements, deployment, and how they are operated.

Don’t simply lock your front door and back door because its a best practice.  Consider your risks, and mitigate those risks properly.  Simply placing a lock on a door may not be adequate protection for your most valued assets.  What assets do you have that require specific mitigations?

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