Deploy a Professional Command Center Anywhere You Need

Meet Mobile Command, a fully outfitted vehicle ready for your next high-stakes special event, emergency, or disaster recovery.
  • Fast Deployment
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Configured for your needs
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Is your event security compromised by a lack of flexible technologies and infrastructure?

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Mobile Command Gives You the Control You Need. When You Need It.

Advanced Security Solutions

From drone surveillance, to gunfire detection, to real-time weather monitoring, our suite of technologies can be deployed in about 30 minutes, maximizing situational awareness and response efficacy.

Reliable & Redundant Communications

Mobile Command ensures intelligible, two-way audio communications across your entire event site. Leverage landline over cellular or satellite, two-way radios, and cellular PTT radios.

Exceptional Support Services

Trust Sentinel’s team of accredited security experts with extensive experience in Security Operations and Emergency management to partner in your success.

Make Mobile Command

Make Mobile Command Your
Command and Control Vehicle.

Membership benefits include priority scheduling, plus extensive custom configuration. We’ll pre-load our systems with your emergency and event data, including contacts, site maps, and radio frequencies, and program Mobile Command surveillance video to stream to your offsite location.

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See What’s on Board the Command Center.

Mobile Command has been designed by the security specialists at Sentinel Consulting.

Mobile Command has been designed by the security specialists at Sentinel Consulting.

  • Video surveillance system
  • Aerial drone surveillance
  • Drone detection technology
  • Gunfire detection
  • Perimeter protection
  • Real-time weather monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Landline telephone service
  • Two-way radios and cellular PTT radios
  • Satellite telephone, tv, radio
  • Satellite and cellular data
  • Professional and seasoned staff to plan and operate the event security as well as staff the vehicle if needed

Be Ready to Roll at Your Next Event. Here’s How.



Get your questions answered. We’ll help you evaluate whether Mobile Command is the best choice to address your needs.



We offer a multi-tiered membership program designed for a range of budgets and support requirements. Let us present a proposal that’s right for you.



Once you’re a member, we’ll train your team and program the vehicle so you’re all set for future events.

Peace of mind comes from being prepared. Become a member today!

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and Pricing

Nowhere else will you find this breadth and depth of command and control capabilities available as an affordable, turnkey solution.

Service Item Service Level
Click each category for more details Basic Advanced Premium
Radio Communications
(2) Motorola XPS5500e UHF and VHF Mobile base radios. Check Check Check
(10) Motorola XPS3500e portable handheld radios. Check Check Check
Use of public VHF radio frequencies. Check Check Check
Use of Sentinel licensed UHF and VHF radio frequencies. Check Check Check
Programming of client's UHF, VHF and P251 licensed radio frequencies in the Mobile Commands base and handheld radios. close Check Check
Programming of client's 3rd party UHF, VHF and P251 radio frequencies in the Mobile Commands base and handheld radios. close close Check
Issuance of a Cellular PTT Two-Way Radio to your Security Team. close 1 radio, 1 site 1 radio/site 3 sites
Use of (10) Cellular PTT two-way radios. close Check Check
Monitoring of publicly available emergency radio frequencies. Check Check Check
Programming of area specific police, Fire, EMS and Emergency Management frequencies. close Check Check
Telephone Communications
Use of Mobile Commands VoIP landline telephone Check Check Check
VoIP telephone service over cellular data2 Check Check Check
VoIP telephone service over satellite data3 close Check Check
Speed dial pre-programming of clients emergency numbers, site contacts, and other management and emergency contacts. close Check Check
2nd VoIP landline telephone line activation in the mobile command for additional inbound and outbound call capacity. close close Check
Unique unshared mobile command VoIP telephone number exclusive to client. close close Check
Satellite Phone, Iridium Network o Minutes Included 15 minutes Included 30 Minutes Included
Data Communications
LTE/5G Cellular data2 per deployment on Verizon, AT&T, and FirstNet4 50gb Included 150gb Included Unlimited
Satellite data3 per deployment 0mb Included 1gb Included 3Gb Included
Wireless mesh network deployment Check Check Check
Local area Wi-Fi (within 100ft of Mobile Command) 1 restricted user 5 restricted users 10 restricted users
Digital Information
Use of publicly available internet based maps and resources Check Check Check
Pre-loaded site and area maps of the clients subscribed locations. close 1 location Up to 3 locations
Pre-loaded client provided digital emergency plans, documents, PDFs, contact sheets, floor and site plans of the clients subscribed locations. close 1 location Up to 3 locations
Pre-programmed social media monitoring close Check Check
Weather Monitoring
MobileCommand, Weather Station Check Check Check
Accuweather, Professional Check Check Check
Accuweather, Meteorologist curated close close Check
Television and Radio
DishTV - Satellite TV3 Check Check Check
SiriusXM - Satellite Radio Check Check Check
Terrestrial Radio (AM, FM) Check Check Check
Video Surveillance System
Rapid Deployment Cameras - (10) cameras Check Check Check
Vehicle Mounted Cameras - (5) Cameras Check Check Check
Feed of drone video into the VMS Check Check Check
Video Analytics close Check Check
Mobile phone app for streaming video to and from the Mobile Command close Check Check
Stream video from the Mobile Command to a remote monitoring location close Check Check
Federation of video into clients VMS (single site, Genetec) or wirelessly linking clients site VMS directly to the MobileCommand5 close close Check
Intrusion Detection and Duress
Rapid Deployment Sensors with Video Check Check Check
Ground Based Large Area Radar Sensors Check Check Check
Video analytics alarm trigger Check Check Check
Alarm video verification Check Check Check
Duress button on two-way radios close Check Check
Drone Detection
Deployment of RF Drone Detection Technology, Single Sensor Check Check Check
Deployment of RF Drone Detection Technology, Dual Sensors close Check Check
Drone UAS Surveillance6
FAA Licensed Drone/UAS Pilot Check Check Check
High resolution telephoto camera with 32x optical and 200x digital zoom Check Check Check
High intensity searchlight Check Check Check
High power public address speaker Check Check Check
Light payload drop capability Check Check Check
Video streaming to VMS Check Check Check
Video streaming to offsite location close Check Check
Dispatch and Response
Dispatch Priority 3 2 1
Mobilization Time Within 5 Days Within 48hrs Within 24hrs
Response time Travel Time Travel Time Travel Time
Member to Vehicle Ratio close 1:20 1:20
Backup Command Vehicle No 1 1
Mileage Included 0 500 1000
Operating Hours Included7 0 24 48
Training Sessions Included 0 2 3
Pricing Per-Event Annual Membership + Per-Event Annual Membership + Per Event
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Equip Your Team with the Right Tools

Equip Your Team
with the Right Tools

Unless you are a federal or state agency, you’re hard pressed for the resources to stand up an efficient and economical temporary command center. This leaves you vulnerable to security threats. With Mobile Command, you can affordably access a state-of- the-art vehicle that is equipped with the technology you need; whether you are securing an event or responding to a disaster.

Make Mobile Command

Be Prepared with
Mobile Command

Don’t let a lack of resources leave you at risk. Become a member today!

GSA Schedule

Mobile Command services are available under our GSA Contract.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are not in the Tri-State area. Can you help me?

Yes, Mobile Command can provide service anywhere in the continental US for scheduled events. However, for rapid deployment, our current Mobile Command assets are located in the Northeast with the best response to clients between Washington DC and Boston.

For what types of events is Mobile Command best suited?

For how many days or events can I schedule the vehicle?

Are there any additional fees or add-ons beyond your base rate?

How many team members are required to operate the Mobile Command?

What is involved in the mobile command training? Do we learn to properly use the vehicle in accordance with our security plan?

What VMS is used on the Mobile Command?

What is the advantage of membership?

What does rapid deployment mean?

How long can we have the vehicle at our event?

How does the vehicle connect with our existing infrastructure?

Will we be required to purchase additional software or hardware devices for our property to fully utilize mobile command?

How are availability conflicts handled?