Free eBook on Church Security

Free eBook on Church Security

This weeks tragedy at the Bethel AME Church in Charleston, SC where 9 people were murdered at the hands of a deranged visitor has become an all to frequent occurrence in houses of worship. Today more than ever, churches need to preserve the sanctity of the sanctuary. We live in a fallen world where bad thing happen and the naiveté of thinking that we don’t need to be security conscious in our houses of worship can no longer exist.

I was invited to share some thoughts on the topic of Church Security on the Joe Piscopo show on AM970 in New York City. You can listen to the segment by clicking on the play button at the top of this post.

In the wake of the Bethel AME incident, I am making my ebook on church security available for free. Please feel free to download it and share with your house of worship. You can download your copy by visiting

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